2001 marked the 22nd annual Bluegrass and Chili Festival, and the 75th Anniversary for the opening of Route 66, which runs through Claremore, Oklahoma, home of this festival. This image combines elements from these two events.

The poster tells a story of somebody who has made a road trip to the festival, and is neary there, Claremore's skyline (a grain elevator) is in sight, but he's out of gas, his car is overheated, and now he's been pulled over by a police officer (see the rear view mirror).

Some details:

  • on the dash is a bowl of chili, and a can of Pepsi.
  • a stick on calendar hi-lites the event's dates,
  • eight-track tapes represent some of the artists appearing at the event,
  • a pre-war Gibson banjo sits in the seat,
  • a quilt from the quilting competition lies folded on the seat,
  • my business card is on the quilt.
  • the radio displays the frequency of the radio stations sponsoring the event.
  • the logo on the dash reads "bluegrass" instead of "bellaire".
  • the billboard wishes the Mother Road a happy anniversary.
  • a route 66 sign and a Claremore road sign are in place beside the road.
  • the gas gauge sits on "E", the temperature guage points to "H" and the odometer reads "66 2001" .
  • Chili peppers hang from the rearview mirror
  • The headline is in a chrome script reminescent of the stylized Chevy emblems.

The '57 Chevy Nomad was photographed in a studio, Route 66 was shot between Claremore and Catoosa, Oklahoma. The police car was also shot on Route 66. All elements combined in Adobe Photoshop, printed to 16x20.

The poster sold out, and is now considered a collector's item, I still have a few copies in my private stash for anyone with the money to talk me out of one. e