There is no place like Cuba. And you can get pictures in Cuba you can't get anywhere else. It is a photographer's dream. I've been there several times now and I'm going again in May of 2017. I've got the experience, the connections and the locations. I'm not a travel agency. I'm a working, professional photographer with experience over much of the world. A couple of times a year, I put together a trip specifically for photographers.


What you would see, experience and photograph...

This may be the best place in the world for street photography. Havana's crumbling colonial architecture, the classic American cars, it's parks, monuments, the largerst cemetery in the world, the ancient Fort Morro, the very open friendly people, the dancers, the skyline. But Cuba is more than Havana. A lot more.

Malecon. Along the seawall of Havana is a highway and boardwalk where everybody hangs out. A people watchers smorgasbord.

Santa Clara. Che' Quevera's town, his mausoleum is there, maybe the most sacred place in Cuba.

Trinidad, an ancient colonial city on the southern coast.

The Bay of Pigs, where at the height of the Cold War, an American-backed invasion of Cuba went wrong.

Pinar Del Rio, where the finest tobacco is grown and the finest cigars are rolled.

the Mogotes, the unique geological formations that make this landscape so photogenic.

Vinales, considered to be the most beautiful, scenic area of the entire island of Cuba.

     TRIP DATES; May 1-9, 2017
     TRIP COST;  $3,000.
              * Airfare, round-trip from Tulsa(or your city) to Cuba, including one checked bag fee.
              *Cuba Travel Visa
              *Insurance as required by the Cuban government
              *Lodging while in Cuba.
              *Transportation on the ground
              * an interpreter
              * entrance fees to several locations
              * some meals

It is important to me that this trip be a good fit for you. My trips are for photographers and the photographs are what we are after. You don't need to be a professional photographer. But I would expect you to be at least an enthusiast, with a real desire for memorable photos, not just snapshots. You don't need a dozen lenses to go... but you will need more than your phone for a camera.

A non-photographer spouse or friend could go, but they need to understand the pacing of these trips revolves around the photos. If we need to wait for the light... we will wait.

The trips are...adventures, not luxury cruises. I won't put you in any danger, we won't be hang-gliding or bungee jumping. We may do some mild hiking, but not for great distances. There is nobody to carry your bag or rub your feet. The food is fine; but these aren't five-star restaurants.

Planned Itinerary:
May 1: We would fly from our perspective cities to Miami, Florida and then on to Santa Clara, Cuba, where classic American cars will pick us up at the airport and take us into town. We will spend the night at the Santa Clara Hotel. The following day our small, modern private bus will take us to several photogenic places around town, including Che Quevera's mausoleum. Later that day we will head south to Trinidad, spending the night there.

May 2: Trinidad, then on along the coast to Bahia de Cochinas...."the bay of pigs". Then onto Pinar del Rio stopping anywhere the light takes us.

May 3. Pinar del Rio, spending the morning in and around Pinar del Rio. Visiting a cigar factory where dozens of workers roll the best cigars in the world. Then across the valley, checking out tobacco farms and farmers, horse- and ox-drawn carts and plows as we go.

May 4. Vinales. The unique landscape around Vinales could occupy a photographer for days. We will check out the Mogotes, and the caves that run through them.

May 5. After a second night in Vinales we will head on up the coast to Havana.

May 6. Havana. Lots to see, do and photograph in Havana,

May 7. Havana. We'll use classic American cars for some of running around Havana.

May 8. Leave Havana mid-morning, to head back to Santa Clara, spending the night in Santa Clara.

May 9. Fly out of Santa Clara, back home. Yes; you can bring back cigars and rum.

I am happy to talk to you about the trip, no obligation to you.

Call or text me; 918-688-9606(CST zone)
Message me on facebook
go to the Foto de Cuba facebook group.