This poster was commissioned by the Muskogee Parks and Recreation Department as part of Muskogee's Oklahoma Centennial Celebration. The scene depicts characters from Muskogee's historical past lining up to watch a movie at the Roxy theater in downtown Muskogee.

From left to right the characters are: WWII soldiers from Camp Gruber, A Creek Indian in ceremonial dress, a cowboy, a "river kid", Alice Robertson(first female senator), a sufferagette, Fiddler Smith, Pretty Boy Floyd(complete with actual Thompson Submachine gun, provided by the J. M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum), Merle Haggard(complete with the guitar Merle sang "Okie from Muskogee", and a moder Muskogee family. Events for the June 9,2007 celebration are listed on the movie placard at the left. Azela's from Muskogee's Azelia festival adorn a pot on the left. Sponsors appear as signs in windows.

The movie theater actually exists, but most of the neon was burned out and had to be recreated by Doug in Photoshop. Special thanks to the City of Muskogee and the Muskogee Police Department for blocking off the street that night while Doug worked.

Printing was by Franklin Graphics. Did you notice the scissortail flycatcher roosting above the marquee? How about the couple smooching in the window.