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Due to the success of Doug's previous three posters for this festival, he was commissioned by the Festival committee to produce the 25th Anniversay poster for the event.

The 24x30 inch poster was created by Doug using 10 separate photographs shot by three different cameras. The collage was assembled in Adobe Photoshop, with the resulting 200 meg computer file containing 120 layers.

The poster is a "Normal Rockwell meets 'Where's Waldo' " sort of image with dozens of things hidden in the poster.

The diner booth was shot at Tulsa's Metro diner, the "Wall-O-Matic" jukebox selector was graciously loaned by an unnamedTulsa collector with the intials Q. D.

The street scene was shot on the upper mainstreet of Claremore, OK, with cars provided by the Classic Chevy Owners Club. The '57 chevy Nomad also appears in two of Doug's earlier posters.

Don't pay any attention to the couple smooching in the upstairs window, but do notice the bluegrass band playing under the neon sign.

Claremore Mound, seen in the background was shot from old highway 88 Northwest of Claremore.

The sunset was shot from Doug's back yard in Owasso, Oklahoma.

The banjo is a pre-war Gibson, the Stradivarius of banjos. The chili and banjo festooned quilt was hand quilted by the Claremore quilting club especially for the event.

The gentleman reflected in the window is the "Father of Bluegrass" Bill Monroe (not shot by Doug Henderson). The two men in the picture on the wall are none other than "Flat & Scruggs" (also not shot by Doug).

Every artist appearing at the event is listed somewhere on the poster, either on an album, a 45 rpm record, or on the play list on the Wall-O-Matic, including the often-advertised, but never seen "Ann Minnie Moore".

Doug's business card is laying by the salt shaker and the festival director's name is scribbled on the wall, the festival's years of operation are scratched in the table top.

This limited-edition poster will be available for sale during the festival. With only 500 posters and an expected 20,000 attendees, the poster is expected to be a sell-out collectors edition, as have two of the three previous posters.

Contact Doug for more information or to order your copy: doug@douglashenderson.com