How would you like to take pictures in the Amazon Rainforest? Or how about Transylvania? Or if you are interested in something a little closer to home, how about the Utah desert? You can shoot in places most photographers only dream about. You can make photographs other photographers would kill for. This is not as unreachable as most people think it is. And it doesn't cost as much as you would think.

I am not a exactly a tour leader, I'm a professional photographer with working experience in the areas of the world I take groups to. Over the years, I've taught many people photography, I can help you make the photographs you want to make.

If you come on one of these trips, you will be part of a small group. You and I will discuss your photography one on one at length before we ever leave. You might learn a few things before we ever leave home. You will become acquainted with the rest of the group before we depart, so you are traveling with friends, not strangers.

During the trip, each day we will see, shoot and do things pretty much from dawn until dark. Then after dark we will fire up the laptops and look at what you've shot, look at what the others have shot at the same area, I'll critique along the way, and the next day... you will shoot even better. By the end of the trip your photography will have improved dramatically, you will have a hard drive full of great shots, and you will have made friendships you will cherish for the rest of your life.

These trips are for photographers. A non-shooting friend or spouse is welcome to come; but these trips are paced and planned for the photography. If we need to stay in an area another hour for better light... we'll stay. If we need to hike to another location for a better angle...we'll hike. These trips are meant to be adventures; not luxury cruises. We don't really rough it; but there is no massuse and no room service.

If you have any questions, please email me; or just give me a call; I'm happy to talk to you about these trips. 918-688-9606 (I'm in the Central Standard Time Zone).

My trips are not infomercials; there is no salesman along to let you try-before-you-buy the latest gear from such and such camera company.

Trips planned for 2014: Click on the links for more info and photos.

Ecuador; the Amazon Basin and Andes Mountains Oct 15-Oct 25,2014 (ten days) $2,100. Air fare, accommodations and transportation included.

Southern Utah Spring 2014

Transylvania(Romania) May 5-15, 2014 $3,500(Sorry this trip is full as of Oct 2013).

These details may change, but that's the best we know at this time. Prices are subject to the fluctuations of fuel costs.