Photoshop is huge and extensive. It can do miracles, but if you think you can figure it all out by just fiddling around with the program you are just kidding yourself.

I've worked in Photoshop for years. See some of my PS work here. And as an Adobe certified expert I have taught Photoshop for years. During this time, my students have taught me how people learn Photoshop. The results of that learning experience is this course and the book, Photoshop Now (for more info on the textbooks, go to

I really believe I have worked out a better way to teach Photoshop; a way to teach you how to think like Photoshop.

Photoshop will do more than you ever imagined. With this will do more with Photoshop than you ever imagined.

Of course you will learn to edit and improve photographs, but you will also create graphics designs and composites. You will: correct color imbalances, restore, repair and retouch photographs, create brochures and product sheets, learn the ins and outs of scanning, learn how to get a decent print out of your inkjet printer, prepare images for e-mailing or use on web sites, remove offending items out of backgrounds, learn how to prepare stuff for 4-color offset printing and about a thousand other things.

This is not a lecture class; but a hands-on, get dirty sort of class with lots of real world projects. You will be working on late model computers running Photoshop CS6. Of course I will teach you to what to do, but I also want you to know why and when to do it.

Each session also includes two "cheap tricks"; quick, "gee-whiz" sort of Photoshop techniques that you will find many uses for.

The Photoshop Now book follows each session closely. Even if you miss a week, you can keep up by using the step-by-step instructions in the course material.

This class is held at Tulsa Technology Center's Owasso Campus (10800 North 140th East Ave. Owasso; basically Highway 169 & 106th street North). This class meets Tuesday evenings from 6-10 pm, for 10 weeks. Cost of the class is $245, plus a $30 book fee. Contact Tulsa Tech at 918-828-5100 for starting dates or to enroll.

E-mail me if you have further questions. I'll look forward to seeing you.