Do you find your digital camera...just bewildering? You've heard about all the wonderful things digital photography is supposed to be able to do...but has it worked for you?

You're not alone.

Many people have bought a digital camera with high hopes, but can't make a decent photo to save their life.

Let me help. I'm Doug Henderson, a real world commercial photographer and an Adobe Photoshop Expert. I understand digital photography, cameras, lighting, Photoshop and printing, intimately.... and I can teach these things to you.

I've been a photographer for over 25 years, and have taught photography to people just like you for 14 years. Over those years, my students have taught me how to teach photography.

I've put together a couple of classes and books with you in mind: Digital Photography Now1 and Digital Photography Now 2. To learn more about the books or to order it online, go to

Digital Photography 1 is designed for people who have a DSLR (a digital camera with interchangable lenses) but don't really know how to use it, or use it to it's potential. Many of these people have never operated their cameras on anything but "AUTO". I will take you off of AUTO and into the world of photography, where you are not taking pictures; you are making pictures.

You'll learn how to use that camera, how to compose images, how to import the pictures you take into an image editing program (we'll be using Adobe Lightroom), how to organize them, how to develop them, and more.

Digital Photography 1 also includes a lot of just looking at and critiquing your photos, plus some real assignments and hands-on photography projects. The course also includes a field trip to some as highly photogenic location (maybe not Maui, but somewhere a little closer). This is a small (12 people), casual, fun class. It starts out with the very basics, but by the end of the class you will be doing some pretty sophisticated photography. For many people, Digital Photography Now 1 will be all they will ever need. But if you want to go further...

Digital Photography Now 2 is a continuation, of Digital Photography Now 1. You don't have to have taken DPN 1 to take DPN 2, but DPN2 is not a class for beginners. Digital Photography Now 2 will take you deeper into photography and image editing in Lightroom. You learn to use on-camera flash, studio lights and more. You will use Lightroom to print your photos, create slideshows, hard-copy books and web photo galleries. This class continues with the process of critiquing your photos in a group. This class also includes a field trip.

Topics include:

  • understanding your digital camera (it's simpler than you think).
  • how to shoot sports, portraits, wildlife, scenics, kids and more.
  • basic photography, such as exposure and lighting, etc.
  • how to get good, natural color in your photographes.
  • how to get professional quality prints out of your home inkjet printer,
  • importing and organizing your photos into Adobe Lightroom.
  • editing your photos in Adobe Lightroom.

If you have a special use for digital photography, some time is set aside to advise you on how to do exactly what you are trying to do.

This class is held at Tulsa Technology Center's Owasso Campus (10800 North 140th East Ave. Owasso; basically Highway 169 & 106th street North).

This class meets Thursday evenings from 6-10 pm, for 8 weeks. Cost of the class is $225, plus a $30 book fee. Contact Tulsa Tech at 918-828-5100 for starting dates or to enroll.

E-mail me if you have further questions.

I'll look forward to seeing you.